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July 26, 2010


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Connie M.

YUM,YUM,YUMMY! June how does your garden grow? BEAUTIFULLY!
You are an amazing creation of God's. I hope everyone that is in your life knows this.
I'm very hungy just looking at that awsome sandwich, makes me what to go out an BUY the ingredients.Love the flowers.
How's Sal, do you hear from her?


I love grilled cheese sandwiches, and the addition of tomato, avocado and basil sounds great.


Sal's fine except now I want to go have lunch with Nella! Oh man that looks so good! I look forward to another garden sometime soon? Oh, by the way, we bought a house in ......yep, Hardwick. 100 yrs old and recently refurbished from top to bottom. Not thrilled about the location but, love the house. So garden in 2011? How's Mary, do you hear from her? :) xxox


I'm on my way for lunch, maybe dinner, maybe forever! Next year I will have a garden here in the city.


Just want you to know, I just bought an avocado so I can make this sandwich. Looks like I'll use some smoked gouda.


I was looking at the hutch in the back ground, looks like mine!

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