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August 18, 2009


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terry thoresen

I think you should have these too. I had brown ones years ago, nothing more comfortable.

connie m.

I think you should tell that someone in your home,that you will look at them sitting in the corner,and even if you don't wear them enough,that it will bring a smile to your face and what a beautiful site that would be for him.:)

Sally Holdman-Bellavance

You should tell that someone in your house that "Yes! I'll wear them and I will promise to take them off before hopping into bed!"
Remember the 'Chippewa' boots you bought (and I paid back) at Lazarus Dept. Store back in the 70's? I still wear them. I bought a pair of Frye that are ankle high and tie up the front last year. Same thing - sold out but, finally found them. Love those red ones though!
PS - Hi Connie!


I LOVED my Chippewa's. I've looked at what they offer now, and they just aren't the same. Consider yourself lucky, and before you put them on EBay, give me a call!!!

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